FLO获奖 | 上海艺术季小竹林花园荣获WLA荣誉奖


2023年 WLA世界景观建筑奖-荣誉奖 | 上海艺术季小竹林花园

2023 WLA Honour Award | Bamboo Forest Garden Installation Playscape

世界景观建筑奖(WLA)是由世界景观建筑(World Landscape Architecture)网站举办的一年一度的国际景观设计竞赛奖项,该奖旨在表彰来自世界各地的景观设计师们的杰出工作,并在全球推广这一职业。我们非常荣幸荣获2023年WLA已建成小型项目的荣誉奖,在此恭贺FLO及所有团队。

The WLA Awards are annual international landscape architecture awards that seek to honour landscape architects around the world for their outstanding work and promote the profession across the world. We are pleased to announce that we have recently won Honour Award for "Built - Small Projects Category". Congratulations to FLO and all our teams.


For details of the project, please see the official link below: